Buried Treasure

My debut album, A Murder Of Crows features in Dan Hegarty's great new book, Buried Treasure Vol. 2, published by Liberties Press. Eleven years after it's release, it's genuinely humbling to know that this album is still being listened to, written about and that it means something to people. Incidentally, another record I made, about seven years beforehand, Nina Hynes' "Creation" also features. Our collaboration was short and fairly tempestuous but while it lasted we made some great music, of which Creation is, I believe, the only testament. It's a shame there was never any live footage - it was a powerful band. On our first trip to play in America in the late nineties, someone gave me a bumper sticker for my guitar. It said, "GIULIANI IS A JERK!"

I wish I still had it.