State Lights - I Need Time (2017)

Camille O'Sullivan - Untitled (due for release 2017)

Steve Wickham - Beekeeper (2017)

Joe Chester - The Easter Vigil (2017)

Les Beberts - Les Beberts EP (2017)

State Lights - The Disguise EP (2016)

Dermot Barrett - Dawns Tides Eras (2016)

Grainne Hunt - Firing Pin (2015)

Hermitage Green - Jenny, Quicksand (Singles 2015) 

The Hedge Schools  At The End Of A Winding Day (2015)

A Lazarus Soul  Last of the Analogue Age (2014)

Tupelo  Push On (2014)

Tupelo Ballerina's Call EP (2013) 

Ryan Sheridan  The Day You Live Forever (International Release with bonus tracks 2013)

Doctor Millar  C 48 (2013)

The Original Rudeboys  Dublin Days - Single (2013)

Neil White  Caught In the Headlights (2012)

Time The Revolator  Outside, Square (2012)

Hozier Universal Demos

Ryan Sheridan  The Day You Live Forever (Irish Release 2011)

A Lazarus Soul  Through A Window In The Sunshine Room (2011)

The Shoos  Rescue Room (2011)

Mundy  Shuffle - Selected Tracks (2011)

Nick Kelly  Nine Lives - Mix (2010)

Mundy  Strawberry Blood (2009)

Sunbear  Bits - album containing EP tracks plus unreleased tracks (2009)

The Hedge Schools  Never Leave Anywhere (2008)

The Coronas  Heroes Or Ghosts (2007)

A Lazarus Soul  Graveyard Of Burnt Out Cars (2007)

Future Kings Of Spain  Nervousystem - Mix and additional Engineering (2007)

Eoin Coughlan  Behind Closed Doors - Single (2007)

The Ruby Tailights  Dressing Up (2006)

Miriam Ingram  Trampoline - Selected tracks (2006)

Nick Kelly  Running Dog - Co-produced with Sean Millar (2005)

Dae Kim  Matador - Selected Tracks (2005)

Future Kings Of Spain  Kick It - Extra track on Toshiba EMI Japan Release of debut album (2004)

Ten Speed Racer  10SR - Co-produced. Mixed by Darren Allison (2003)

Ten Speed Racer  Girls and Magazines - Engineer and Co-Produced (2002)

Future Kings Of Spain  A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place - Single (2002)

Doctor Millar  Always Coming Home (2002)

Ten Speed Racer  Listen to Bits - Engineer and Co-Produced (2002)

A Lazarus Soul  Record (2001)

Turn  In Position (2001)

Sack  Adventura Majestica (2000)

Sunbear  Dog EP (2000)

Ten Speed Racer  Eskimo Beach Boy - Engineer and Co-Produced an Mix (2000)

Gerry O'Beirne  Half Moon Bay (2000)

Gemma Hayes Demos (2000)

Nina Hynes  Creation (1999)

Doctor Millar  The Deal (1998)

Lúnasa  Lúnasa - Engineer and Mix (1998)

Juniper (Damien Rice/ Bell X 1) - Weatherman - Engineer (1998)

Nick Kelly  Between Trapezes - Engineer and Mix (1997)

Sunbear  Bits And Pieces EP (1996)

The Plague Monkeys  Surface Tension -Co-Engineer (1996)